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The original design of this site was by Fisher Woolf Consulting. The current design is by Francis Howlett who is entirely responsible for any errors in the coding.


The contents of this site are copyright © Hillsyde 14-19 Federation.

You may print or download extracts from this site for your own personal use only, provided that none of the text and none of the graphics are altered or manipulated. If you wish to recopy any of the text or graphics you may do so provided that this for Educational use only and that you acknowledge the source. You may not make use of any of the graphics on this site by using direct links (also known as hotlinks, remote links or, more bluntly, bandwidth theft). However, you may make links to pages on this site from other educational web sites without seeking permission.

Any third party links on this site are provided for the convenience of our visitors and do not imply endorsement by the Hillsyde Federation. The Hillsyde Federation is not responsible for the content of third party websites or for the consequences of following any links from this website.

Web Standards and Accessibility

All pages on the Hillsyde Federation website should meet the W3C Standards for CSS and HTML. For those who are interested in the more arcane regions of this topic, we are aware that pages that have URLs linking, for example, to map sites may not validate correctly as the URLs contain symbols ('&') which break the rules, even though the underlying code makes correct use of the 'escape codes'.

More seriously, we have also striven to meet accessibility standards of at least 'Section 508', and ideally WCAG 1.0 Priority 3 or AAA standards. Testing for accessibility is done by using automated routines such as HiSoftware® Cynthia Says™ and WatchFire WebXACT. While these give good guidelines for ensuring that the pages are mechanically compliant with the standards, they do do not tell us if the pages meet the specific requirements of individual users. If any visitor to the site has any problem with the design or layout, or would like to make any comments on the accessibility of this site, please who will be very glad to hear from you.



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