Rob Niedermaier-Reed, Hillsyde 14-19 Federation LeaderHillsyde Federation Leader

Hi. For those people reading this who haven’t yet met me, my name is Rob Niedermaier-Reed and I’m the Hillsyde 14-19 Federation Leader.

The Hillsyde Federation is three schools (Forest Hill, Sedgehill and Sydenham) working together to further improve the education of students at the three schools. The Hillsyde Federation now includes all Year 10 to Year 13 students; in other words, the Hillsyde Federation is very important for all students aged 14 and above. This is a big change from the past, when the Hillsyde Federation only included sixth form students.

Working together as the Hillsyde Federation, we will make sure that all our students receive the full educational opportunities to which they are entitled. For example, very soon there will be new diploma qualifications in a range of subjects that have to be made available to all Year 10 to Year 13 students; the best way for us to make sure that all our students can do these new diplomas is to work together as the Hillsyde Federation.

The Hillsyde Federation has two main priorities for this year:

  1. More collaboration (to further raise achievement) with Year 10 and Year 11 students
  2. Further raising achievement in the sixth form

On Friday 19 October 2007, teachers from Forest Hill, Sedgehill and Sydenham will get together for another combined Hillsyde Federation training day. This day will be a wonderful opportunity for teachers to learn from colleagues across the three schools. I’m sure that what we all learn on this day will make a really positive difference for our students.

If you have any comments on the work of the Hillsyde Federation, then please contact the Federation Secretary by email on or by leaving a message for me at any of the three schools.

Rob Niedermaier-Reed
Hillsyde 14 – 19 Federation Leader

Forest Hill School
Dacres Road · London SE23 2XN
Telephone 020 8699 9343
Fax 020 8699 6982
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Sedgehill School
Sedgehill Road · London SE6 3QW
Telephone 020 8698 8911 · Fax 020 8461 4004
Sixth Form Telephone 020 8461 9148
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Sydenham School
Dartmouth Road · London SE26 4RD
Telephone 020 8699 6731
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